This section has information on games played by CUCC teams. It is currently in the process of having historical matches input into the database. If anybody would like to help with this process then email offering your services.


Currently 523 matches stored.
These matches made up of 1077 innings.

Using the Results Section

This will give you a brief guide to using this section.

The results are split to give you comprehensive coverage of a wide range of statistics available. They are of course only as good as the data that makes them up so if you spot anything wrong then please post it in the forum section so we can correct it. The number of matches will be added to the whole time as well as updated as the season progresses.

The general philosophy is that the pages are separated into sections of data type. Within these sections you will find sub headings giving details of the data being shown. At the top of most pages you will find a series of drop down boxes. Selecting values from these boxes will filter the results being read from to only those selected. Some combinations will have no results and you will receive a note if this is the case.

Additionally, on the player statistics page there is a drop down box for selecting a player from. If filters are selected then only the players that have played in matches within that range will be shown.

We hope you enjoy using the results section of the site. Please let us know what you think and any ideas for new statistics to show. We are working hard to make sure the information shown is accurate but cannot give any assurances at this early time of the accuracy of the data.