Crusaders CC 3 day Varsity Match. Oxford

Tuesday 24 June 2003

23-25 June 2003. Crusaders CC took on Oxford University Authentics at The Parks, Oxford. The result was a draw with the last day bein curtailed due to rain and no result being likely.

The view from the pavillion before the start of the first day

Fully stashed the Crusaders get ready to warm up on the first day

The skipper go out to toss. Lynden Spencer-Allen for Crusaders and Greg Adams for the Authentics. Lynden won the toss and chose to bat

the wicket at the start of play

there was an even distribution of cracks that didnt really open up through the match

The pavillion

Thre recreation of the photo in the Telegraph of Sam's back.

Ian Bartholomew and M wait to go out to bat on the first day

The Oxford side go out to play.

Ian Bartholomew leaves a ball

? plays/leaves a ball

Ben Jacklin relaxes whilst the top order do their job

Miles plays a ball down the leg side

The crusaders watch on as Chris Stearn holds up one end to assure the side of at least a draw

Sam Johnson models the stash lids

Ian opens up in the second innings again. Surely no need for all those slips...

oh maybe there is. Having being dropped twice in the slips in the first over, Ian then gets caught in the third over.

Rain causes a brief interruption in play before the game is abandoned

And after all that Ian is relegated to water boy

the standing at the finish

and again but doctored