Blues vs Cambridgeshire

Tuesday 27 April 2004

Blues win by 8 wickets with Adrian Shankar making 72 and Rudi Singh 60\'s not out

Shankar drives




Singh cuts for four

Rudi in the early part of his innings

Rudi pulls for four

Shankar cover driving

Rudi check drives

then a full blooded drive

digs one out

Shankar makes 50

Nowhere near

The blues watch on

The win draws closer

Bit closer that time

hook time

Rudi makes his first 50 for Cambridge and salutes all corner of the ground!

Shankar drives a wide one

and pays the price, 72 caught in the covers

Marshall receives a welcome


Rudi gets knocked over by an innocuous bouncer

Edge Marshy?

Marhsy hooks the ball for four to win the match with overs to spare...