Crusaders One Day Varsity Match at Pembroke

Saturday 21 June 2003

Crusaders lost by 9 runs in a very high scoring match where over 600 runs were scored.

The team line up before the match.

Stearny Can't quite cope with the Sun in his eyes...

After losing an early wicket Chris Stearn and Ian Bartholomew put on a partnership that puts Cambridge in a very strong position to win.

Bungle struggles to watch proceedings (or even to stay awake)

The waiting to go in...

Those slightly lower down in the order...

The view from the far end at Pembroke

Scotty and Andrea were certainly troubled by the batsmen

The great scorer himself!

Ians batting chart shows his particular like for playing straight

After the game, a few beers to commiserate and thank Trevor and Andy the groundsmen


One of the last photos of this man with the proper colours on his tie.